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The CTSM designation (Certified Trade Show Marketer) is awarded by EXHIBITOR in affiliation with Northern Illinois University Outreach and reflects adherence to the highest standards of trade show and event marketing. Less than 1% of all trade show and event marketers have attained this distinction.

Welcome! You've found Gail Hernandez, The Trade Show Maven, the first career advocate for trade show and event professionals.

I love trade shows! When I'm not planning them, I'm helping others find jobs as trade show and event professionals.

I've managed over 700 trade shows as a trade show professional, and have established relationships with many colleagues in the trade show industry.

As the Trade Show Maven, I try to share my expertise with other event professionals so that they can improve their trade show marketing skills and career strategies. At my full-time corporate job, I try to help my company get the most out of our participation at industry trade shows and the events we host such as seminars, user meetings, and workshops.

I hope what I have to offer you will be beneficial, whether you're staying in the corporate environment or going out on your own to start your own trade show consulting business.

The Professional Portfolio Challenge!

Everyone should have a professional portfolio. Portfolios can be used in job interviews, annual performance reviews, and as a quick reminder to yourself that you know what you're doing and you have a lot to be proud of.

My goal is to have my portfolio updated in 30 days. If you're interested in starting your own portfolio, go to my Professional Portfolio page and follow the 30 days of tips and tricks.

Gail Hernandez, Diamond Level CTSM, The Trade Show Maven
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