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Your Professional Portfolio
Building a professional portfolio, especially for corporate trade show and event managers isn't hard, it just takes a bit of focus and working in 10-15 minute intervals.

Step 1: Start collecting ...

Set a timer and take 15 minutes to go through all of your paper files. Pull out as many samples of your work as you can. Throw them in a folder. If you have time, use sticky notes to label the event, date, and location each sample is associated with.

From this day forward, for every event, put 5-10 copies of each of your samples in your portfolio folder, that way you'll never get behind.

Be sure to note the event, date, and  location of every sample. If you want to mention a special skill or special comment for each item, great!

Step 2: Get a 30 GB USB and start reviewing your computer files. Copy samples of your work. Continue to do this in 10-15 minute increments of time until you've captured copies of everything you want to include in your portfolio.

(You can go back later and delete/edit sensitive or proprietary information.)

Step 3: Organize your samples into categories; don't worry about having separate folders or files yet, just get them in order: Exhibits, Promotion, Reports, Budget, Planning, Leads, Kudos, Measurement.

Step 4:
Buy an accordion folder or manila folders and label them. Label the categories. Get a USB for your electronic portfolio files.

To see examples of what I've included in my online professional portfolio, visit:


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